Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Wanna Be Like Edward Cullen

Yay, let's all give Kanye MORE publicity! I know, I know, I'm not helping. BUT, this was too good NOT to post, mostly because if Kanye ever saw this I think he'd crap his Gucci underwear. And that, my friends, is reason enough for me.

I know this song has been making the rounds for a while (like pretty much everything I post, cause I'm a lazy blogger. You still love me, right?) but I figured I'd post it again for the 5 of you that haven't seen it yet.

Set to the tune of Kanye's "Heartless," here is one man's explanation of all the reasons he wants to be like Edward Cullen:

I wanna be like Edward Cullen, too - mostly so I could strip naked and run out in the sun to find out whether the vampsicle sparkles pretty. Oh please, like you're not dying to know?! Whatever.

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