Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ciao, Bella!

Sorry that posting has been a little light lately... me and life have been in a fight for the past few days and it's gone something like this:

Life: So.... how's about you pack everything up for that cross-country move? And then, you know, book some hotels and stuff for that honeymoon that you're supposed to be going on in 2 DAYS?

Me:  Hale No! There's too much fun Twilight stuff to blog about right now! I have priorities, you know.


Me: Dammit. FML.

Don't worry, I know better than to complain about two weeks in Italy with the lurve of my life (well, the non-fictional lurve of my life.... Edward, you know I *heart* you!). I'm still working on hubby for a side-trip to Volterra... I may have to ply him with excessive quantities of grappa but I haven't given up yet!

Not to worry (because I know all three of you who read this blog were starting to panic), we've been hoarding some great posts and have scheduled them to go up every two or three days while we're gone. I'll also try to tweet about my Italian adventures with a certain special little suitcase stowaway....



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