Wednesday, August 26, 2009

STFU bows down to LTT and LTR (and gets FUBAR on PBR. JK! It was Heineken)

Letters To Twilight and Letters To Rob did two fabulous posts this morning and everyone should go read them. Because I say so and I have indisputably great taste.

LTT talks about the differing opinions on what it means to be a "real" Twilight fan. Given that STFU is all about showing our love by finding the funny and absurd in the world of Twilight, I totally agree with Moon's Twilosophy of "loving the good and calling out the bad."

Over on LTR, UC brings a very important public service announcement about how Rob can improve your health! We think it's something every woman should be aware of.

Ladies, you are my Twidols! Keep bringing the LOLs, they get me through the day :-)

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  1. awww thanks so much for linking to us and for commenting today on ltt!

    love your name! STFU!!!!!