Sunday, August 23, 2009

Etsy TwiTastic: Life-size Edward Wall Decal

While planning our wedding this past July (Can you believe I'm married? I know, right.... Anyhoo...) I came to adore the crafty goodness that is Almost everything is handmade, and buying from etsy helps you support up-and-coming small business owners. Huzzah!

Like everywhere else on earth, the obsession with all things Twilight has invaded the etsy community. You can find pretty much anything that even the most discerning Twilight fan could ever want or need. We'll be featuring some of our favorite etsy Twi-merch here on Shut The Forks Up.

First up is a Life-Sized (6'2" - that's his HEIGHT, people. Srsly, get your minds out of the gutter) Vinyl Edward wall decal made by the lovely etsy seller Vinylfruit. We know he's been mentioned on a few other Twi-blogs, but we just felt like he deserved some additional lovin'.

 FSV Edward wants you to be safe.... IN BED! On nom nom fortune cookie nom nom.

If you're like us and totally jealous of Twitarded's Full Size Edward cutout, but just not cool enough (or, ok,  hubby threw down the "hells no." Whatever hmphh) to get one of your own, Full Size Vinyl (FSV) Edward might be perfect for you.

Here are just a few of the benefits of having your very own FSV Edward:

  • He's waterproof, so he can keep you company (ahem) in the shower.
  • The hot guys you bring back to your room will totally appreciate his subtle reminder to glove the love.
  • He comes in almost any color, so if you need to hide him from a disapproving SO or non-twilovin' houseguests, just match him to your wall color and they won't even be able to tell he's there! Only you and FSV Edward will know - it'll be your little secret ;-)
  • He provides endless hours of entertainment through a little game I have dubbed "pin the peen on FSV Edward." If you don't succeed, just try and try again... and again... and again.... 
  • He's much less likely to give you frostbite on your lady bits than this thing.

FSV Edward would make the perfect gift for the Twi-lover in your life *cough cough* HINT *cough cough* Get him while he lasts!

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